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Light Lodge #25 Mothers Day All White Affair

Light Lodge #25 1996
Seated: P.M. Fred Miles, S.W. Barry Hunter, W.M. Terence Arthur, J.W. Calvin Arthur, Bro. Ollie Ragsdale
Middle Row: P.M. Fred Hodges, P.M. Samuel Brinson, P.M. Randolph Arthur, Bro. Garrett, Bro. Calvin Powell
Back Row: Bro. John Coleson, Bro. Lenny Johnson, Bro. David Johnson
Camera Shy: Bro. Tommy Holbrook, Bro. Darryl Baldwin, Bro. Anthony Monteford, Bro. Charles Wright & Bro. Ricky Hodges

Light Lodge #25 Individual Photos set 2

Light Lodge #25 2020

Light Lodge #25 2005
Left to Right
Top: Bro. Montgomery, Bro. Oligario, Bro. Wright (Chaplain),
2nd Row: S.D. Monteford, Bro. J. Coleson, P.M F. Hodges, P.M. F. Griffin, P.M. Miles, P.M. Hunter, P.M. R. Arthur, P.M. T. Arthur, P.M. R. Hodges, J.D. Lovell
1st Row (sitting): Treas. Dixon, S.W. Powell, W.M. Baldwin, J.W. Holbrook, Sec. Murray

Light Lodge 2009 Barn Dance

Light Lodge #25 2004

Light Lodge #25 2009

Light Lodge #25 Individual Photos

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